Instructional Material

JustSOFTBALL Instructional CD’s/DVD’s – Created and produced on-site at JustSOFTBALL

To order any CD/DVD, please e-mail, place order, send payment plus $5 shipping and video/DVD or CD will be shipped priority mail! Check/Cash/Credit Cards accepted.

CD’s NOW available!
Triple Threat Hitter – Slap Bunt and Hit from the left side! – CD $20
Hitting Drills 1 CD – $20
Hitting Drills 2 CD – $20
Pitching Drills CD – $20
Throwing Drills CD – $20
Throwing Instruction CD – $20
You play them on the computer choosing what Drill you want to watch!

The following are available in DVD
Developing a Fast-Pitch Pitcher
From Beginner to Advanced!
       Video/DVD $30 – 56 mins.              * Learn Proven Pitching Mechanics       * Discover The Key Fundamentals of Pitching       * Learn Rise, Drop, Curve & Change-up       * We Show You Drills That Will Increase Speed & Improve Accuracy.       * Easy to Understand              Covers: Set & Begin Delivery, Turn, Release, Front Foot, Rear       (Pivot) Foot,        Finish, Rev. Mech., Spins, Drop, Rise, Change-up, Curve, Developing       Control, Increasing Speed, Structuring Workouts.
Throwing!        With an Emphasis on the Catcher’s Throw       DVD $24.95 – 25 mins
* Great Video for Every Position on the Field       * Discover the Key Fundamentals of Throwing       * Techniques and Drills to Improve
Covers:  The grip, Receive the Ball, Transfer the Ball,       The Jab Step, Separation, The Step, The Opposite Arm,       Weight Transfer, The Follow Through, The Finish,       The Catchers Throw, Lets Do the Math.
How to TEACH Your Pitcher and Catcher to Call Their Own Game!       DVD $20.00 – 15 mins
* Great video for Coaches and Players       * Discover Ways to Communicate with your Athletes       * A Systematic Way to Teach
Covers: Learn How to Call a Game, Order of Priorities, Reading the       Batter,       Setting Them Up, Sitting Them Down, The Basics of the Pitcher,       Motivation and Trust, Working with Umpires, Factors to Consider,       How and Where Can We Teach Them, Stages.
The Art of Catching        Instructional DVD       $29.95 – 54 mins
* Learn Proven Catching Mechanics       * Discover the Key Fundamentals of Catching       * Easy to Understand
Covers: 3 Catching Positions, Target, Set up with Target, Framing,       Catch to Throw, The Throw, Blocking, Pitch-outs/Int. Walks,       Blocking the Plate, Fielding Bunts, Get a Rid of Mask, Calling a Game
The Making of a Better Catcher       Drills DVD       $24.95 – 27 mins
* Learn the Drills Needed For a Quality Workout.       * Incorporate These Drills Into Your Practices Each Day.
Covers: Up’s and Downs, Framing, Blocking, Pass Balls, Throw Downs,       Target Drill, Drop Third, Pitch-outs, Intentional Walks, Quick Feet,       Agility Drills, Bunt Drills


JustSOFTBALL is a group of quality instructors banded together with the common goal of helping the youth in our sport. We all played this wonderful game and we love giving back to the sport that gave so much to us. We have top instructors from diverse backgrounds and specialties. There are former top collegiate players, college coaches, professional instructors and National Team Members. We all continue to play and work in the sport of softball. Our goal is to make sure that every kid has an instructor, and every instructor has kids to teach. We understand the importance of good female role models. We also provide incredible camps and clinics that not only teach the necessary skills, but also teach the love and RESPECT for the game and all the history that walked before them.