Deb and her shop dog- Stella!

Deb Hartwig is the Owner and Founder of JustSOFTBALL.  JustSOFTBALL was founded in May 2000 when after leaving the Division I coaching ranks and working lessons in a baseball ruled area, Deb decided to create something just for softball.  Hence, JustSOFTBALL.
With the help and encouragement of Susie Parra and others, she worked hard at setting up relationships with leagues and communities.  As the relationships built, the need for multiple quality instructors became evident.  Deb sought the help of long time friends in the sport and new quality instructors.  Deb has built a strong and respected reputation in the field of softball.  She travels the world sharing her passion for teaching and the sport of JustSOFTBALL!


JustSOFTBALL is a group of quality instructors banded together with the common goal of helping the youth in our sport. We all played this wonderful game and we love giving back to the sport that gave so much to us. We have top instructors from diverse backgrounds and specialties. There are former top collegiate players, college coaches, professional instructors and National Team Members. We all continue to play and work in the sport of softball. Our goal is to make sure that every kid has an instructor, and every instructor has kids to teach. We understand the importance of good female role models. We also provide incredible camps and clinics that not only teach the necessary skills, but also teach the love and RESPECT for the game and all the history that walked before them.